Free Headstart Tickets – More Freebies your way

We are on a freebie ride and yesterday’s contest (book + Tee) has seen tremendous response.

Continuing with the ride, today we have 3 Headstart event passes to give away.

As you know, Headstart’s summer event is scheduled for June 20th at Nehru Center, Mumbai and while  demo pit’s entry is free, Auditorium pit (where the action happens) costs Rs. 750/.
The good news is that we have three passes to give away (i.e. total of Rs. 2,250/) and here are pre-requisites for the contest:

  • You need to ensure that you attend the event. It’s happening in Mumbai, 20th June, so participate in the contest only if you are sure of your attendance.
  • You will cover the event live for readers. Think of yourself as a delegate and you have a responsibility to cover the event (no excuses please).
    Essentially, what we would really want is for the three winners to share the highlights of the events/startups showcased/insights shared etc.
  • Contest ends June 13th – so comments only before June 13 will be taken into account.

How do I Participate in the Contest?

Pretty Simple.

Tell us what kind of article themes would you like to see @ (give us three suggestions atleast).

To set the context, we will take one theme a week and discuss the nitty-gritty of the same. Themes could range from specific technology topic to marketing products, to building great UI design etc (for instance, this week’s theme is –  Understanding User Needs).

So go ahead, suggest article themes and win yourself free tickets to Headstart event!

Please note that comments without theme suggestions won’t be accepted.

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