Free Internet Access for Google+ Users in India [+Carrot]


Free Internet Access for Google+ Users in India [+Carrot]

Google+ is ?
Google+ is ?

Google India has partnered with Ozone Networks to provide free and unlimited access to Google+ on the Wi-Fi network at all O-Zone hotspots across the country. Also, users will be able to surf YouTube to watch exclusive movie clips and promotions for 10 minutes each week at no cost.

This first-of-its­ kind offer will go live this weekend and be available for three months across India at all O-Zone Wi-Fi hotspots. O-zone has 5000 hotspots across India and powers WiFi service at outlets like CCD, McDonalds, Costa Coffee etc.

Google+ : A Case of Too Early Too Soon

On Twitter, there is a joke going on Google+ that the service is like a gym. Everybody joins it and nobody uses it.

We have been very vocal about Google India’s ‘desperate’ attempt to market Google Plus (by the way, SRK’s social media agency was caught copy/pasting tweets into his +account) and while all of these initiatives (of free WiFi etc) sound great, the service has very less stickiness (even celebrities who get paid to use Google+ stop using the service, once the contract gets over).

Long story short – Google+ still doesn’t have a captive audience and carrots like these simply add to the noise surrounding the service, but adds little value to ‘power users’ of Facebook (i.e. the target Google is running after).

What’s your opinion on Google+? Are you excited about the free WiFi carrot that Google+ is offering?

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