Broadcast Yourself to Unlimited Users Using Airsee Platform

The various options available for broadcasting videos online require you to either add the viewers (Skype, Google Talk), or download a plugin (Google+ Hangouts) before you can start streaming, or…

The various options available for broadcasting videos online require you to either add the viewers (Skype, Google Talk), or download a plugin (Google+ Hangouts) before you can start streaming, or partner with the broadcasting site (Youtube). You may not want your business prospects or Twitter followers to add to your buddy lists. These conventional methods are also bound by a limit in the number of users that a particular video can be viewed simultaneously.

Airsee attempts at filling these gaps by letting anyone broadcast Live Video from their computers and group chat with the audience. Airsee offers each user a unique URL where they can make themselves available for chat (text/video/audio based on preferences). For example, the founder, Rajan Chandi, is mostly available to chat at

Video chats are an effective tool for selling. If you’re into Sales or Marketing – you can offer your Airsee URL and the buyers can directly video chat with you without any hassles. Or a presentation to be delivered to an open audience, sitting remotely, can be easily handled using Airsee.


Here is a quick chat with Rajan Chandi, founder of Airsee:

PI: What is the technical stack behind Airsee?

RC: we use PHP, MySQL, Flash and a couple custom components that we’ve developed. We use Adobe peer to peer technology to avoid the bandwidth costs to us. The streaming videos don’t go to our servers. That way it is fast and doesn’t cost us the Bandwidth. This helps us keep the service Free and Ad-Free at the moment.

PI: Do you also store the broadcast videos for later viewing?

RC: We do not store videos for later viewing. All existing social sites are about storing past information like Facebook, Youtube etc. We believe to build a product that focuses on the present and lets users live the present moment and progress towards future.

PI: How is this different from Google+ Hangouts, apart from the fact that that requires a Google account and yours requires an Airsee signup (interests and email) initially?

RC: Google hangout limits people to 15 people. Airsee can let you broadcast to say 1000 people and still group chat with them all. Airsee also match you people based on interests, offerings and needs. Hangouts are a live video feature and we are a live video product – We mean this in a big way!

PI: What is your source of revenue?

RC: At this point we are focusing on the product and users. We’ll think about the revenue in the future.

We look to build Live Free Video Streaming product for Everyone. This is just a beginning. I personally hate Ads as a revenue model – We also seek to keep the product Ad-Free as much as we can.

PI: What has been your traction so far?

RC: We are getting over 100 visits a day and a few hundred users. Hoping to cross 1000 in a month’s time.

PI: Any other detail you would like to share with the PI audience?

RC: We believe the future lies in Live video Streaming. We’ve made it Free and Easy for everyone and going to make it better over time. As a side note, Airsee’s concept comes from a hackodex which was created at a hackathon at Bangalore.

Airsee is like a niche product targeted at solving a specific problem missed by all leading providers in the same category. This can take it far provided it gets popular; it has the potential. However, Airsee reminds of San Francisco-based, which began in a similar fashion by Justin lifecasting his life 24/7 on the single channel it then had. For the Airsee team, I would suggest to work on the rather drab UI to make it more appealing. There are a couple of technical issues too with the interface which need to be ironed out.

Have you live broadcasted your events, seminars, etc using other mediums? Next time, try Airsee, and share your experience with us.

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