Microsoft To Offer Office For Free On Small PCs and Tablets

The move is in line with boosting use of Microsoft services on mobile devices.

Microsoft has announced that it plans to make the core viewing and editing features of Office free for devices with screen sizes of 10.1-inches or smaller.
The move is most likely prompted by the success of its Office Apps for Android and iOS, which opened most of the core editing and viewing features to users even without an Office 365 subscription.
The other interesting announcement the company made was its consideration of all devices with a screen size of 10.1-inches or less as a truly mobile device.
Microsoft is also working on a new version of Office for Windows, which much like the new Windows 10 OS is built for both touch as well as non-touch devices.
While Office has been Microsoft’s biggest cash cow, the company has been opening up to offering part of the service for free as it lacks market share in the mobile device market.
Free Office tools is a follow up to the company’s move to make its Windows OS free for all devices with screen sizes of 9-inches or below.

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