Microsoft Fixes ‘Free Windows 10 For Everyone’ Loophole

Microsoft on Friday announced a way for any PC user to get Windows 10 for free, where registered members of its Insider Preview program would receive the update to the final build and stay activated.

Windows 10

Now, the company has silently gone back on its statement, saying that it was still a necessity to be running a genuine copy of Windows 7 / 8.1 to receive a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Further, the company has dropped the word “activated” from the previous statement, suggesting that while Windows Insiders will be upgraded to the final version of Windows 10, they will be treated as non-genuine users.

ARS Technica doesn’t expect there to be any technical differences between a genuine Windows 10 and the version the company pushes out to Windows Insider Program members.

This does in fact mean that you can pretty much get Windows 10 for free, but not if you’re an organisation. With the change in statement, Microsoft has made sure no one mistakes the upgrade via Insider Program to be a genuine, licensed and activated version of Windows 10.

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