Saregama offers Free Streaming of 1.1 Lakh Songs Online

In a move to end piracy, the online music store Saregama offers a songs library with 1.1 songs listed for free listening on their website. The users can also download the songs at a nominal of Rs 9 per song.
Saregama has rights to over 70% of all Bollywood music and offers songs from 14 other languages as well for free online listening.

“We have created an online store which will allow people to buy our content. For sampling, we are offering the entire length of the song rather than only in parts,” says Vikram Mehra, Managing Director, Saregama.

The users can download the songs at good quality at 320 kbps. The songs can be purchased for Rs 9 (per song) which provides 10 downloads for each song (using single ID) and which can be used to store it in different gadgets such as laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphones.
Saregama India Ltd, established in 1901 (formerly known as Gramaphone Company India Ltd), is planning for online distribution of uncompressed audio which has even higher quality, launching mobile apps for live streaming of music and more.

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