Giveaway: 25 tickets to The Dark Knight Rises!!

Calling geeks and freaks: here is your chance to win 25 tickets to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ .Dark_knight_rises

Here is your chance to win free tickets* to The Dark Knight Rises (Cinemax, 9:45 PM show, Bangalore (Belandur).

Hop to forum thread and simply tell us a bit about yourself:

1. My favorite IDE.

2. Apps I just can’t live without.

3. My best time-saving shortcut/life hack?

4. Music I listen to, while @work.


The contest starts Friday (July 20th) 11:50 AM and ends at 18:00 PM.

* : Free tickets are sponsored by Freecharge team (they are looking at setting their dev center in Bangalore).



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