Freelancers: Get this free and fully functional time tracking tool to grow your business

Clockify is a completely free and unlimited time tracking tool, perfect for freelancers businesses of all sizes and anyone else who needs to track their work hours. Add as many users and projects as you want, it’s completely free.


Notes from the founders.

As an owner of a software development company, founder and CEO of Clockify, Sean Milanovic decided he had paid enough for time tracking tools when Toggl decided to jack up their prices.
The decision was made to create a completely free and fully functional time tracker without setting any limitations on the number of users or projects you could add.
Why give out everything for free? We strongly believe that offering real value for free creates a wealth of other opportunities in the long run. It could attract a host of other business opportunities for Clockify down the line, as well as connect our parent company with other valuable business insiders.

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