FreeCharge Launches “Speak to Recharge”. Ask Your Phone To Recharge Itself

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FreeCharge Launches “Speak to Recharge”. Ask Your Phone To Recharge Itself

FreeCharge has launched “speak to recharge” feature on its Windows Mobile App.
With this new feature, users can create a “Voice Card” and associate it with any command (e.g. “FreeCharge Mom”). Once the voice card is created, users can just speak this voice command into the windows mobile phone and get recharge done without any other action.
Here is how it works.

A well done integration with the wallet?
Recently, FreeCharge had crossed 5 million downloads on the Play Store. They had also secured $33 million in series B funding in September this year.

Comments (4)

  1. Arunima

    How can they store the card info if they are not PCI DSS certified?

  2. It’s not about how many users will use it. Its about saying “Voice input” is the future and we get it.
    Being said that I would like to get a recharge done by whispering a secret code to my Apple smartwatch.

  3. arun

    Free charge is a misleading site. The recharge is not free. The coupons are not free. Its stores card info inspite of telling not to. It gives misleading messages in app. I don’t use it unless there is some promo or cash back offer.

  4. Well, Looks like a nice feature. But how many people will use this. Check where paytm is and where freecharge is and you can see that paytm is far ahead in terms of recharges and user adoption , whatever number freecharge says

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