Freshdesk takes fresh approach to pricing, launches ‘Day Pass’

, the company that was called a ‘freaking rip-off’ by Zendesk CEO is  now gearing to take on the big daddies of customer support industry with the launch of its freemium pricing model.

Chennai based startup, Freshdesk (earlier raised $1mn from Accel partners) has taken a fresh approach to pricing and has launched ‘Day Pass’ that allows companies to scale the support team on-demand. Targeted towards seasonality, the Day Pass lets businesses add temporary or part-time agents for just one day. The part-time agents get complete access to all the functionality in the customer’s Freshdesk plan without having to pay for the whole month.

Surely, a good replica of real world support challenges being faced by SMBs.

Beside ‘Day Pass’, the cloud-based social help desk software provider has announced new pricing (has taken a ‘fresh’ approach to messaging).


The “Sprout” plan is meant for organizations that require robust email and phone based customer support. The “Blossom” plan brings in social capabilities like engaging with customers through community forums and supporting them through Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The “Garden” plan offers features suited for larger organizations, such as supporting multiple products, generating advanced reports and managing multiple SLA policies . The Day Passes are priced at $1 per agent per day in the Sprout plan, and $2 per agent per day in the Blossom and Garden plans. Freshdesk will be offering three Day Passes for all existing and new customers for a limited period.

Also, Freshdesk now offers a freemium model where the first agent in every plan is always free (existing customers can also switch to new plans), a good way to lure paid trials.

Very well chalked out market penetration strategy, given that Freshdesk is (also) targeting businesses who aren’t happy with Zendesk pricing and are now looking for an alternative.

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