Is Friendfeed more compelling for Brand Advertisers (than Twitter)?

FriendFeed has becoming a hub for whatever you (and your friends) do on the Internet – be it twittering, blogging, picture sharing etc.

What makes FriendFeed a compelling product is the way they are capturing intention and opinion.

Whom do people trust on the net? Friends, and peer reviews.

And what does FriendFeed has to offer in this context?

Search for blackberry on FriendFeed and you get a collage of what others think about the service. Login and Filter the search by your network(assuming you have build one) and all you get is a set of trusted (i.e. your friend network) advice/research.

Truly speaking, FriendFeed could become an important tool to conduct research related to products/services/companies, if they play it well.

Will a brand let go of a readymade audience like this?


Essentially, Friendfeed mashes social networking with opinions/reviews and could provide a great deal of relevant information to munch.

While Google provides you the most relevant result (algorithmically), FriendFeed can get you most relevant answer sorted by your trusted network.

And what about brands?

Well, they could use friendfeed as a place to aggregate their media asset (just the way they tried Yahoo!’s Brand Universe)and start conversation around that using FriendFeed rooms

A brand like Ford could create a Friendfeed account, submit to the various social services (Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, Delicious, and over 30 others), then encourage fans of Ford to either follow that public Friendfeed page, or to become actual ‘friends’. The end result? All the social media assets will be viewed from one location, searchable, findable, with the ability to comment, without using a SMPR

Ford is actually doing this –

What do you think?

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