FriendsofBooks – Rent Books

FriendsofBooks is a Delhi based startup that enables users to rent books from the site.

The portal, currently available in NCR region lets you rent books (one can keep books for as long as one wants to) and in some cases, buy them as well (10% discount on retail price).

Before you say, this is an inspiration from Librarywalla, point to be noted is that Librarywala is not present in Delhi – so a perfect market to start with.

Unlike Librarywala, FriendsofBooks doesn’t charge any registration fee (Rs. 499/ in case of Librarywala), though refundable deposit is Rs. 750/ (while Rs. 499/ for Librarywala).

If you are from NCR region, do give FriendsofBooks a dekho.

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