Bash Gaming (Formerly BitRhymes), founded by Sumit Gupta, Vikas Gupta (Not related) and Lalit Patel in 2007 has had an amazing journey. With a 90 people team in India and a 20 people team in the US, the company is now a leader in the mobile gaming category.

The company that makes games on mobile devices, tablets and Facebook, last year made a total revenue of $55 million just from their Bingo Bash game.

The game is now leading in the social casino gaming category and also the top grossing casino App across devices. The Bingo Bash game alone has 30 million players across the world out of which 1.5 million play everyday and 40,000 people are playing at any given point of time.

At our recently held startup conference UnPluggd 7, Co-Founder Lalit Patel took us through the 18 experiments that lead the company from $0 to $55 million and developing one of the best-performing social games on the App Store and Facebook.

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