From Forum: Funds for Women Entrepreneurs

Funds for Women Entrepreneurs

Just wanted to check if anyone is aware of any funds that are dedicated to Women Entrepreneurs only . Any Angel Investors/VC’s who have funds for the same.

Statistics, trends and reports on Indian ecommerce market

There may not be a single answer to this, but was wondering are there any information sources that give recent numbers, trends and reports on indian ecommerce especially online buying and selling? I am coming up with a startup and would want to consider the facts before I could take some strategic decisions.

how do retail stores integrate with third party coupon service?

I am wondering how does retail store work with third party coupon service. How do they redeem these coupons and send a cut to coupon sites. Here I am talking about physical stores.

For example a coupon company “A” offers some discount coupons for a store “S” and these discounts are only available via coupon company. If a consume use this coupon at the store, how would coupon company know that this coupon has been used at a store. How would coupon company will get their share from retailer shop. Is it a manual process or most of the retail billing product support such model.

Cash Before Delivery option

I have an idea slightly variant of  “Pay to your neighbour” .  We employ part timers for collecting payment and they have to deposit some fixed money with us to join us.  Whenever customer opt for our payment mode, we will ask the part timers near to his location (having deposit amount greater than payment amount)  to collect it and they can transfer the amount later to our account.He gets some fixed amount of commission for his work.  Initially it may be difficult but I think in the long-run it is viable. What is your take?

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