“We Got Lucky After 3 Years” Amarpreet of Frrole on Persistence & Entrepreneurship [UnPluggd]


“We Got Lucky After 3 Years” Amarpreet of Frrole on Persistence & Entrepreneurship [UnPluggd]

At UnPluggd, we bring a whole lot of amazing entrepreneurs who share their journey and lessons learned. Amarpreet Kalkat of Frrole had something amazing to share. He got lucky after 3 years and several experiments.

Amarpreet Kalkat (Frrole) @UnPluggd
Amarpreet Kalkat (Frrole) @UnPluggd

Takeaways For Early Stage Entrepreneurs : Conviction. Stubborn Persistence. Persistence. Get Lucky.

In Amarpreet’s words:

  • I was the only full time founder.
  • Part-time founders didn’t last long.
  • Started with a consumer focus (read NextBigWhat coverage of Frrole).
  • Didn’t get enough traction in B2C space.
  • B2B saw some good traction.

The Hard Truth : Lessons Learned Building Frrole

Amarpreet shares a whole lot of valuable lessons at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference.

1. Investors didn’t really care about ‘world class product/tech’ . All they wanted to know was ‘What was your last month revenue’.

2. The most standard observation by startup babas and investors was : This is NOT a painkiller – this is a vitamin. [Read this great piece on NextBigWhat : Of Startup Valuations And Do You Really Need to Solve A Pain Point?]

3. Nobody knows about your product as much as you do!

4. If you have an option of ‘Little bit of traction‘ vs. ‘Building a good team’ – go for building a great team!

5. Having a Plan B worked for Frrole. Things started working after 3 years! Twitter partnership has worked very well for Frrole, so has the general elections.

7. Got *lucky* after 3 years!

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