Frrole Launches Enterprise Offering; Now Mine Twitter & Integrate With Applications Using Data APIs

FrroleSocial intelligence startup Frrole has launched an enterprise offering for the media and entertainment industry to be able to mine content from Twitter. The offering includes data APIs that allow clients to access Frrole data streams and plug it to an application and a visual suite that allows clients to integrate and display applications to their products.

Customers can use Frrole to extract curated content related to topics, location, products or campaigns and integrate it with the startup.

Part of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Banglaore now, Frrole is a social newspaper startup that uses Twitter to create city based social newspapers. The company has developed algorithms that perform analysis of metadata around language, location, type of tweet and volumetric analysis that lets Frrole analyse number of tweets, retweets and factor in rules for the cities. It then analyzes text and natural language. (Read Frrole review) The startup launched in 2011 and later launched curated channels for different verticals like Technology and Business.

Frrole has been working in private beta for some time with clients such as Dexetra, Sqoops and Explara. Frrole Co-Founder Amarpreet Kalkat shared that it had only a 24 hour snapshot and no real historical data earlier but now it has minute wise data. “Now we don’t just have a historical view (currently for India), but also a timeline view with data broken down literally to every minute. This can be really powerful for somebody trying to deep dive into the evolution of a particular topic over time,” said Kalkat.

The offering can be used to find relevant business leads or even access real time social data. A developer looking to build social content or insights based app, can create a stream on Frrole for free.Up to two streams are free, Kalkat added.

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