A Tale of 2 Entrepreneurs. One Serial. Another Boring.

Here goes a tale of two entrepreneurs : both trying to change the world in their own ways.

Here goes a tale of two entrepreneurs : both trying to change the world in their own ways.

Founder A

– Runs new age startup (SoLoMo/Big Data etc).

– Raised $5mn.

– Is being talked about and written by media very frequently. Is a ‘sexy’ company to talk about.

– Post funding, moved to a swanky office.

– Hires only IITs/IIMs/ISB graduates – no matter what the role is (especially middle management upwards).

Founder B

– Is running his company for the last 12 years.

– Never raised money, profitable though (INR 80 crores+ revenue).

– Nobody talks about them (no media/social media chatter). They are ‘boring’.


The Difference Between The Two Founders?

I met Founder B few days back and was totally impressed with the extremely swanky executive room in his office.

While I was looking at his executive room, he asks me how much do I think has he spent in the entire setup? Ofcourse, I was thinking in terms of few lakhs.

He tells me that the LCD TV was bought for 4K, the furniture for ~10K and the overall cost was well below 45K. “A company was shutting down and we bought all of this was from their facility”.

For him, frugality is a way of life. He has been ‘like this’ ever since he started up. Maybe that’s why he never had to raise money. Maybe that’s (also) why he was never talked about by media.

Founder A is almost on the verge of shutting down (company ran out of money, founders are now planning their next gig, a.ka. serial entrepreneur) and Founder B has just signed 15 years lease agreement for his office space. He plans to (atleast) run the company for the next 15 years as well!

Who is boring? A or B?

Who is the real entrepreneur?  A or B?

What’s your take on the two approach? Isn’t frugality boring?

“If you buy things that you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need” [Warren Buffet.] Tweet this.

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