Fuel your career with AI

AI has created enormous value for mega giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and continues to drive customer centricity, flexibility, and efficiency across the world. According to a NASSCOM report, data and AI could add US$ 450 – 500 billion  to India’s GDP by 2025. 50% leaders, according to a Deloitte 2021 survey, understand the potential benefits of AI, with most of them having defined AI roadmaps in  some shape or form.

This growing importance of AI makes it essential for future leaders to adopt this disruptive technology and use it to positively influence their professional and business goals. 

Fuel your career with AI

Powerful trends are making AI and ML pervasive across business operations. As businesses try to stay on top of customer expectations and manage reams of data, they need to adopt smart technologies to glean insights, make smart decisions, and drive stronger outcomes. AI-fueled organisations, in fact, are better able to leverage data to enhance workforce and continuously innovate. 

But there remains a lack of skills in these modern technologies. While some companies have managed to address the gap between business stakeholders and development teams, there’s a rising need for individuals well-versed in not just business but also AI, ML and analytics to serve as the bridge business strategic business goals and tech requirements. Learning ML tools and frameworks like linear and logistic regression, clustering, decision trees, text mining as well as analytics tools like prescriptive and predictive or network analytics can help you set yourself apart from the fierce competition. 

Some organisations have been early adopters but many companies are now boosting up their AI and ML workforce. In fact, according to a study by PwC, 52% companies accelerated their AI adoption plans due to the COVID-19 crisis. Not only do AI and ML techniques help spur up business transformation, they also arguably take a shorter time to achieve outcomes. Along with AI, data analytics, too, is important for companies to maintain growth to reach profitability and scalability. The skill of data visualisation can also help you uncover those insights from data that remained previously hidden. 

As organisations ramp up their ML and analytics capabilities, organisations don’t just want individuals who can manage data analytics and ML techniques but also those who can lead teams and improve functional performance through analytics. For the future business leader, grasp of AI and ML techniques is no longer good to have, but an industry must. As AI and data analytics fuel organisations across sectors and reform their operations, its full potential can only be leveraged by acquiring the necessary skills and structures throughout the organization and making AI a priority both functionally and strategically.

Why ISB Executive Education’s Applied Business Analytics?

ISBExecutive Education’s Applied Business Analytics programme focuses on ways to apply ML techniques, analytics, and data-driven decision making to solve business problems. Develop your competence in business analytics with a holistic curriculum offering an optimal mix of Data pre-processing, data analysis using ML, and data-driven business insights. From exploring data structures and analytical approaches to learning techniques that reduce complexity, gain hands-on practice with real-world application to to make informed data-driven business decisions. 

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