Funny stories about Amazon (and Jeff Bezos) that will inspire the leader in you.

Jeff Bezo’s Amazon Run:
– 27 years
– $1.68 Trillion company
– 800k people employed

Crazy run.

And 6 funny stories about the early days of Amazon

#2 – The company almost died because of inventory.

The whole point of an internet book store was to carry WAY more books than you can find in a book store.

But the book distributors minimum order was 10 books.

They couldn’t afford to buy 10 of every book..

But they were ‘relentless’ and found a loophole. The distributor required you to ORDER 10 books. Not GET 10 books.

So they would order 1 of the book they wanted…and 9 copies of an obscure out-of-stock book about Lichens that they’d never get charged for.

#3 – The company started in his garage, and they used to pack every order on their knees on the floor. One day Jeff turned to his coworker and said “we should get knee pads!” … and his coworker said: “or packing tables”. They bought tables and productivity tripled.
^that reminds me of a story I heard about @moizali when he was starting Native Deodorant.

Friend: “Moiz do you even know anything about deodorant?”

Moiz: “no, I don’t. But I’m going to start this company, and in 12 months I’ll know everything there is to know about deodorant”

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