Congratulations FusionCharts for the book written on the product [Product Success Story from India]

It’s not everyday that you get to see books on ‘how to use a product <x>’ or ‘Beginner’s guide to <product X>’, especially when the product we are talking is India based.

FusionCharts, one of the stellar product success story from India has now got a book written on their product – ‘FusionCharts Beginners’s Guide – The Official Guide’, which is published by Packt UK, a publication famous for its practical guides in the web development space.

FusionCharts Book
FusionCharts Book

What’s interesting about the book is that Packt was looking for authors to write a book on FusionCharts on Twitter and FusionCharts guys ended up writing the book (expected to be out by May 2012).

After Tally, is this the only Indian tech product around which ‘How to’ guides are being written (correct me if I am wrong)?

The FusionCharts Story

“It all began in 2002 when FusionCharts CEO, all of 17-years then, was fed up of *boring* charts in Excel. This, alongside an opportunity to tap into the lack of interactive charting solutions on the web and rake in decent pocket money set the ball in motion. He figured out an innovative way using Macromedia Flash (back then) to make charts interactive and fun, published that as an article and the rest as they say is “HISTORY”.
Starting without any external funding (in fact none till date) and all of six chart types (since that’s all of what we knew back then), the first version of FusionCharts was launched. It steadily picked up steam and today we boast of 90 chart types and 550 maps. More importantly, FusionCharts today powers over a *billion* charts a month in some of the most popular web destinations like LinkedIn,, Google Docs etc. We also have a picture of President Obama using FusionCharts products….and no it is NOT Photoshopped!” [Read: How boring charts in Microsoft Excel and a craving for pocket money gave birth to FusionCharts]

Fusioncharts founder Pallav Nadhani shared the company journey at UnPluggd event. A must-watch video for all those who are building product startups from India.

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