2012: What Lies Ahead for Daily Deal Industry?

Will 2012 witness bloodbath in daily deal space in India? For sure, yes. The bloodbath has already started and be assured that players are now playing “The Last Man Standing” game hoping that others will opt out.

But hey! that’s the long term (10,000 ft) view of daily deal space. There still is a big opportunity (and like we have been saying, vertical/niche deal industry is still not exploited). The Discountpandit team has come up with an interesting infographic on what ‘might’ pan out for daily deal industry.

Take a look and share your insight.

Daily Deal Industry Predictions for 2012
Daily Deal Industry Predictions for 2012
[The infographic was designed by Chandrakant Bagade of DiscountPandit.com, which is a Daily Deals Search Engine.]

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