Future proofing media with cloud

Sponsored : With high definition & blu ray becoming the latest de facto in the consumer entertainment  industry, media production has become a lot more complex today than it has ever been, with  media data increasing in complexity and size to a level that would have been hard to imagine  just a few years ago. Incidentally, traditional infrastructure provisioning strategies no longer  provide enough flexibility and scalable options.

Today, entertainment companies are reeling under pressure to automate manual processes and  make their digital supply chain more integrated and efficient. The cloud presents an important  opportunity for them to do so.

Future proofing media with cloud
Future proofing media with cloud

As the broadcasting industry embraces the concept of “Entertainment Everywhere”, it is also a  critical need for media companies to migrate from their current dedicated infrastructures to cloud  based IT platforms which are better suited to delivering digital video content to a vast array of  devices, rather than just conventional TV sets.

In a multiple stakeholder environment, cloud is the biggest blessing for a production house  (or content owner) as it can provide economies of scale in distribution by serving multiple  distributors, which may be broadcasters or pay-TV operators, avoiding the need to deal with  each one in turn.

Cloud computing can also improve an organisation’s agility and responsiveness. While  hardware acquisition can be a lengthy and complex process, the cloud can instantly provide the  resources required to deal with spikes in content demand. A key success factor for broadcast  companies will be identifying processes in the digital supply chain that can leverage the cloud.

A major benefit of cloud computing technology is that the creative industries are alleviated of the need to invest heavily in technology that would rapidly become  obsolete. Cloud computing allows the media production industry to provision  only the technology they need, when they need it, avoiding excessive capital expenditure(CAPEX) .

In the last few years every trend that we’ve seen (from BYOD, mobile working and big data through to business intelligence and analytics) has all been made possible thanks to the flexible and reliable environments offered through resilient clouds. The cloud represents a fundamental shift in the way businesses have to operate and it is something that every media organisation  must embrace in order to stay competitive.

With its years of integrated expertise across telecom, media and IT, HP promises to  deliver solutions that are tailor made for the dynamic business requirements of media  consumers, creators and distributors.HP Cloud Solutions offers flexible computing services with scalable options for  processing & storage of data combined with enterprise class security services. Its
high speed processing front end technology removes the latency & helps bring overall  efficiency to the media IT.

For a creatively dynamic industry such as media entertainment, HP is continuously  driving innovation and customer engagement. HP’s media and entertainment solutions  are built to transform and monetize media processing & delivery through their  customised cloud solutions for media, enable unparalleled actionable intelligence  through its analytics services & Interactive Media Command Center and deliver world  class operational excellence through their Data Center, Business Process & Enterprise Cloud Services.

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