‘Future Visions’: Collection Of Sci-Fi Stories Inspired From Microsoft’s Inside Projects

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‘Future Visions’: Collection Of Sci-Fi Stories Inspired From Microsoft’s Inside Projects

Bored much with classic novels and top-selling names? Are you a Sci-Fi enthusiast? Looking to read some science-inspired fantasies?

Well, Microsoft has all the answers as they have recently come out with a new publication named ‘Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft’.

The publication is an anthology of short stories written by some of the well-known Sci-Fi authors around the globe.


The authors were inspired from exclusive Microsoft technologies; as they were given access to their labs and inside projects. Microsoft says that the stories cover prediction science, quantum computing, real-time translation, machine learning, and more such Sci-Fi tales.

The e-book features authors like Elizabeth Beat, David Brin, Nancy Kress Greg Bear, Ann Leckie, Seanan McGuire, Jack McDevitt and Robert J Sawyer. Each of these authors were allowed to enter Microsoft’s research labs and pick any area that interests them.

One particular story features a mash-up of CSI and Cortana-inspired assistant with the cops using Holo Lens to conduct investigations. Another story features a philosophical idea of questioning the level of awareness that Extra Terrestrials must have about our world, if they ever get to make contact with us.

“The contributing authors were inspired by inside access to leading-edge work, including in-person visits to Microsoft’s research labs, to craft new works that predict the near-future of technology and examine its complex relationship to our core humanity,” said Microsoft in their blog post.

The publication is currently available in an e-book format through Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble


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