#FutureOfWork: What Is Creative Office And Why Investors Are Betting On It?

What is creative office? Lots of chatter, but no one defines it. Despite work from home & the “office is dead” narrative, developers are building it like crazy in LA. Here’s what creative office is & why investors are betting on it (1/10) 👇
Creative office is whatever you want it to be. Maybe it’s easier to explain what it is not. It’s NOT a 40-story concrete rectangle w/ a check-in desk, elevator bank, cubicles & corner offices. It features a rooftop bar instead of a rooftop you want to throw yourself off of.
LA developers are building millions of SF of creative office despite work-from-home & 15%+ vacancy in DTLA & El Segundo. Their big bet rides on: (1) high-paid creatives in tech+media work in teams & need to be together; (2) more innovators to LA; (3) co’s ditch old highrises.
What the heck is creative office? 1. Outdoor space 2. Stairs > elevators 3. Adaptive reuse 4. Low-rise, campus style 5. Collaborative work environment 6. Weird architecture 7. Lots of glass 8. Creative location & name 9. Bright red paint & Metro adjacent 10. Bridges & skylights

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