Gaana Updates Android App; Now Subscribe to Legal Music & Listen Offline

Streaming music service Gaana, has launched the new version of its Android application which allows paid users to store music on the phone for offline listening.

Gaana, which first released mobile apps across platforms in January this year, launched its premium service Gaana + in April, and the iOS app saw an update to include the service.

The Android app, which was left out, has now gotten the premium offline listening feature. The new version brings a much more refreshed and polished user interface and also a few new features.

The app basically has two flavors – Gaana 2.0 and Gaana+. The Gaana 2.0 app is a free upgrade to previous app and brings with it new features like multi-bit rate (32kbps, 64kbps and 128kbps) streaming.  It also has a better search. Based on connection speeds users can choose the quality of playback.

The premium paid subscription service Gaana+ lets users download entire playlists on their Android phone, which can later be played back offline, without internet connectivity but using only the app. Gaana+ also users to download a song at 320kbps quality. Upgrading to Gaana+ also removes the ads.


To access Gaana+ on your phone, users need to subscribe to Gaana+ from within the app and then activate Offline mode in settings. A playlists then has to be created by searching for a song and adding it. One can then go to the playlist section and cache the playlists for offline listening. Users can choose the quality for downloading the songs.

In the settings, there’s also an option of switching on the Offline mode. When you turn this on, only playlists that a user has created for offline listening are available. Search and streaming features won’t work. This helps a user to save on data costs.

On using the app we found it easy to use the premium features and also found the UI to be more polished than the previous version. In our previous experience with the app we use to get pixilated album covers but that seems to be taken care of now.

There is a 14-day free trial of Gaana+  after which the subscription will be $2.99 per month (Rs. 170) for Indian users and $3.99 per month for users outside India.

Other services like Saavn and Hungama also have premium offerings. Hungama removes ads while Saavn allows offline listening. The premium features of Saavn are not available on the Android app.

Last week, Gaana had introduced Singalong, a karaoke feature on its website. We hope this feature quickly finds its way to the mobile apps soon.

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