Skidos: Game and activity based learning for 3-14 years kids

Skidos is an initiative to make learning fun utilizing innovative game, activities, animations, phonics and sounds to impart learning concepts. Targeting kids from 3-14 years, games are aligned with NCERT…

Skidos is an initiative to make learning fun utilizing innovative game, activities, animations, phonics and sounds to impart learning concepts. Targeting kids from 3-14 years, games are aligned with NCERT curriculum, supplementing class room lessons.

Apart from standard learning concept Skidos aims to impart broader skill sets which are essential for any / everyone and are at times not stressed upon in the school curriculum. These include creativity skills, hobbies, IQ, Entrepreneurship etc.


How Skidos works

Skidos platform can be categorized broadly into four sections:

1. clip_image004Gaming: Once kid lands on the platform, he can select the section of his age group. With assistance of learning experts from NCERT, games has been designed which fit the requirement of particular age group.

2. Closed social network: Student can connect and communicate with peers and share his performance, activities and rewards. Communication is limited to educational information only.

3. Gratification: As student participates and learns, he is awarded with virtual medals depending upon his performance. Virtual medals can be redeemed for virtual rewards in this section which student can share with other students. As students of this age group like show-casing their accomplishments and belongings, these awards act as recognition amongst peers.


4. Report Card: Performance of a kid can be seen by parents and teachers in this section

Interview with the founding team:

PI: What made you start working on this idea and how long did it take to come up with a commercial offering?

A: Myself (Rajdeep) and Aditya, both alumnus of ISB Hyderabad have been gaming enthusiasts and wanted to build a venture into gaming. However, gaming is considered time wasting activity amongst parents and teachers. This made us think and come up with an idea into integrating gaming with academic curriculum.

We started working on project in Dec 2010, launched beta version in June 2011 and started selling in August 20011.

PI: How did you go about developing the content?

A: We involved kids and teachers. Topics to be taught and learning methodologies were contributed by teachers and subject matter experts.

Whereas, our design and creative team worked with kids of target age groups to come up with games which are engaging for the audience. e.g. we observed that boys are more excited about sports games whereas girls are more engaged with strategy games.

PI: How has been the response of customers especially teachers, parents and schools? How do you promote your product?

A: So far, response has been positive and parents / teachers are welcoming. Currently we have 6,000 registered users and 8 schools in Delhi region are using our offering.

In current curriculum, student has 2 computer classes every week (90 min). When we went to some of those computer classes, we found that there was nothing productive happening in these hours. So, we proposed schools to use our product in computer classes. This idea got support from the schools.

Sales is done to schools, which is challenging task due to involvement of multiple stake holders – teacher, principal board etc. etc. Each of these stakeholders has to be sold the benefits of our offering and this process takes months. We also do marketing on social media and internet to attract parents, however being startup in early stages have not spent on that front.

60% of registered users are from schools where we have sold the product and remaining are parents registering directly.

PI: What’s the revenue model?

A: We offer freemium and usage fee models. If user wants to use platform for free, ads are displayed else one can pay a monthly fee of Rs 199 student to experience ad free activities.

PI: How did you fund the venture and what is the current scale of operation?

A: We are a team of nine (including founders). It’s been funded by the founders so far. Operationally we have started making money but are yet to break even.

Our View: Initiative does serve a need which exists and is targeting the customers in the right fashion meeting needs of various stakeholders – parents, teachers, schools and students. Company also has done work in developing informative and engaging games.

Though, we do feel there can be improvement in UX especially navigation of the platform can be made simpler and intuitive. That will further help in attracting retail customers, who will not get training on how to use the product which might be the case in kids at school.

Do give Skidos a spin and share your opinion of the platform.

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