Games2Win mobile games cross 25 million downloads, targets 50 million

Homegrown gaming company Games2win has crossed 25 million downloads for its mobile apps. According to ComScore, the casual gaming company has more than 20 million unique consumers a month and has more than 700 proprietary games and applications to its credit.

“We haven’t spent any money on marketing our 44 apps that have been deployed on iTunes and Android,” says Alok Kejriwal, CEO and Co-Founder of Games2Win.

Of the 25 million+ downloads, iTunes comprised 17.3 million, whereas Android comprised 7.99 million.

Games2win wants to cross the 50 million download mark porting its hit online games to mobile.

Game Title                         Downloads*

Parking Frenzy                     13.7 million
SuperMom                             4.4 million
Makeovermadness                1.1 million
Best Friends Forever           899 k
Volcano Flight                       615 k
Plain Jane DressUp             612 k
Other 35+ Apps                    3.8 million
Total Downloads            25.3 million

* Source: Games2Win

Games2Win was founded in 2005 by Kejriwal and Mahesh Khambadkone. The company raised $5 million from Clearstone Venture Partners and Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group in 2007.It then raised $6 million from existing investors in a follow on round in March 2011.

A year later, Nexus india Private Limited, a few senior employees and ICICI Ventures sold 10 % of their stake in the company to Nirvana Venture Advisors.

For casual gaming companies, Mobile is the next big wave. For instance, Zynga, the public listed US based social gaming giant gets nearly 20 % of its revenues from Gaming. They have been stepping up thier mobile offerings lately. Zynga says it wants to launch two web based games and four mobile games every quarter. Zynga had over 306 monthly active users as of July 2012.

Try out Games2win’s iOS games here and Android games here.

Watch Games2Win founder, Alok Kejriwal’s talk at UnPluggd event:

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