gazeMetrix will now gaze your brand’s Visual Mentions across social media

gazeMetrix ScreengazeMetrix, the startup that measures brand presence in TV streams, Internet videos and social platforms, has announced a host of new features and improvements.

The startup,launched at Unpluggd, allows media buyers and media monitoring companies to accurately identify, measure and analyze presence of brand logos in video streams coming off live TV streams and even internet videos/photos.

Highlights of the new features

Discover Photos: gazeMetrix will help you figure out when and where pictures containing your brand are posted on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Infact, You can even figure out which photos are going viral even before they go viral!

Analytics for ‘Visual Mentions’: This feature will let find the locations the brand is most popular at, top influencers of your brand in visual social media and make sense of the conversations about your brand at campaigns and events.

Build Community: Using this function, a brand page can gather and convert users who are fans of the product in real life into meaningful followers.

Contest and Campaigns: With this new function you can now run photo contests, manage, moderate and republish all in one place. Widgets are provided to help integrate this feature with brand websites and Facebook fan pages.

API and Widgets: Using the widget maker toolkit, you can create widgets and integrate them into your website. You can customize widgets to have different layouts like grid, slideshow, map etc. Over this, you also have access to an API stack that you can use to extract all data and analytics and integrate it with your existing dashboard.

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