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GCoSign – Advertising Intelligence for OOH Media

Gcosign aims to make targeted out of home advertising affordable. It has an embedded device which connect to any display device and the internet using standard interfaces. Gcosign works on

subscription model, where after buying the screen, users need to subscribe at Gcosign to manage and control the display of ads. Through its web interface, it allows full control over all advertising display options. It allows location and time based targeting options.

Gcosign has been developed by Nextbit computing, a hardware IP development firm. Gcosign has been in operation since July 07, and has 150 screens installed. Currently used primarily for advertising purposes, they are looking to expand its uses to cases such as distance-learning.

Product Description
Gcosign makes out of home targetted advertising affordable by providing a low cost embedded device which interfaces with standard hardware.

Target Audience
Mall, storefronts and theatre chains which need geographically distributed advertising property, but need to manage them from a central location.

Embedded Device.

Funding Status
Developed by Nextbit Computing, a hardware IP development and consulting firm. Gcosign is currently cashflow positive.

Other Statistics
150+ installed screens.

Time in operation
1 Year

Team Size

Other Info

  • Using GPS it can do a geo-targeted ad campaign
  • Ads can be targeted based on time of the day.
  • Web based control panel allows realtime control of which ads get displayed.

[This is a guest post by Shabda from Uswaretech.com, a Django web development shop and Lakshman. They profiled some interesting startups at Proto. Shabda earlier wrote an article on bootstrapping in India. We will publish few of his startup analysis here.]

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