Geek Calendar- shipped with bugs

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Geek Calendar- shipped with bugs

Way back in the month of July 2006, entire blogosphere was buzzing with the news of *female-geek* calendars. (Look here).

Any idea what’s currently happening with those geeky calendars?

Well, while one of the site has shut down;the other received 3.5 million hits in a day – but the latest update is quite a shame on the entire geek community (males included).

The calendar was full of bugs.

..the 15-month calendar had errors in October 2006, with the month starting on Saturday not Sunday, and May 2007 – which starts on a Tuesday not Monday as it should.

“We’ve got red rose embarrassed faces.”

I am just wondering whether these guys forgot to do a QA testing? Will they go for a ‘patch release’ now? 🙂

Well, once a geek you will always stay a geek – and will always ship bugs!!

What says fellas?

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