Geeks Turn Sexy

The fairer sex in technical side of things have always had an extreme Geeky image. Wears spectacles. Doesn’t talk too much, is too techie to talk to. Wears loose clothes..etc..etc..
But no more.

ITGoddess – A project started to raise money for non profit groups that run initiatives to encourage females to take up technology studies and to enter technology careers.

About the Models: All geeky. All nerds.
They are all in techie jobs – ranging from technical support, audio engg, a GIS expert, software engineers to C++, .Net gurus.

The main goal behind these calendars are

  • prove that women geeks, apart from being successful nerds are equally sexy as Britneys of the world,i.e. promote geekiness among the fairer sex, and
  • start a college scholarship fund for women majoring in computers.

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