Generative AI: The kind of startups that we will see

Image Credit: Coindesk

There are 3 types of startups aiming to cash in on this generative AI (gold) rush. Before that, we saw similar wave with Edtech (CBCs), NFT, Crypto, Web3.

Kid mode.

They have AI written all over (even their domain name) to their brand positioning. They aren’t married to any customer problem statement, but to the notion of ‘using AI’ is what excites them.

Cool kids..but that’s pretty much. Predatory dude(ttes).

Legend Mode

They probably won’t even use the word ‘AI’, but will solve real hard customer problems using AI (and related tech).

These are teams that are passionate about a problem statement and AI is just a means to get there.

One great example of this is TikTok. They have been using AI since the beginning, but they won’t mention that in any of their customer marketing collateral. They are married to the customer problems.

Every other Generative AI startups falls in between these two extremes.