GeoScreenshot helps you preview how your site looks in different locations

GeoScreenshot is a convenient tool to preview how your webpage looks in multiple locations. We use a global cluster of headless browsers to capture pages and stream the result directly to your browser. Our workers are deployed in 225+ data centers worldwide, and our cluster of servers produces scree

Sunnyvale, CA

About the founding team :
I started GeoScreenshot as a side project in October 2014 to solve the simple problem of geo-sensitive website testing. I had encountered difficulties testing geo-location based ads at a previous job, often resorting to asking favors from friends in different cities, using unreliable proxies and VPNs. When I discovered that a geo-targeted ad on a production site had not functioned for many months, I decided to create a scalable solution that can be used for peeking at anytime.

My goal was to create a simple tool for testing from multiple locations. It has since grown to be a SaaS.

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