Get 25 GB of free storage space + streaming music and more..

Way back in 1999, 100 MB email account was considered a premium stuff.

Then Google changed the entire face of email storage and gave away 2 GB+ storage space for free.

And then everybody followed.

Same is happening with file storage services too.
Rapidshare is definitely one of the most popular and painful sites to use (You are treated like a dog, if you aren’t a premium member)

I covered a couple of file sharing options in the past (link), and then XDrive came in with 5 GB of free storage, and the latest to join the bandwagon is : AMD Live!

Their offering/USP? They are giving away 25 GB of free storage space. And if you are ready to shell out 29.95$ per month, you get a storage space of 1000GB!!

AMD Live, is definitely a great product and offers the same set of features (and more) as XDrive.
You can use AMD Live! Media Vault application to:

  • store, access, and share your videos.
  • store, organize, and share your photos. Your photos are automatically sorted so you can quickly create photo albums, tag photos for easy organization, edit photos, and share photos with anyone
  • store, organize, and stream your music simple. Your music is automatically sorted to Music so you can easily create playlists, stream your music, and edit ID3 tags
  • to share large files with anyone. Mail enables you to send files, receive files, download attachments, or save attachment for easy organization,

Like Google, AMD Live is all set to change the face of storage space industry.

Get your free account here

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