Looking for Answers? Get Buzzing with Buzzanytime

buzzanytimeThere are lots of times when we need precise answers to something and need it fast. We might be in the middle of something and won’t have the time to research it. This is where Buzzanytime comes in.

While it may seem similar to other services like txtWeb and Innoz’s 55444, Buzzanytime is an SMS search service with a human touch. Users type in a query on any topic and send it to 9220093333 and they would get a reply within minutes depending on the complexity of the query.

Searching for something on the Internet on the phone is often tedious with one having to search and read multiple pages. Buzzanytime takes away the need giving precise answers to peoples’ queries. Unlike search engines, it does not give links. Since Buzzanytime uses SMS, one does not have to depend on data connectivity and data charges.

The key difference between this and other similar services, is the semi-automated system which when a question comes , first searches through a database to find an answer, if not then the query tries to find an answer through a web few sites on the Internet which have been integrated into the system. If it still doesn’t  find a suitable answer, a human reads the question, comprehends and then only finds a relevant answer for the query. This is why sometimes an answer may take a bit of time.

Using this kind of system they can make sure that the turnaround time for trivial questions is low but at the same time irrelevant replies are filtered out. The human touch ensures the relevancy of reply.

The human factor especially comes into play when the system is unable to comprehend because of spellings or use of short forms or simply writing Hindi in English (E.g: Taj Mahal kaha hai?)

Also with this service one need not remember any keywords like with txtWeb and Innoz’s 55444.

When we tried out the service with a few complex queries we were surprised with the quality of the answers. They were very precise. As we mentioned above the responses take a bit of time but we got most of our answers within 2- 3 minutes.

The service is still in its beta stage, and without any publicity or marketing, they are clocking about 200 questions a day. Once they launch the product fully next month, they expect the number of queries to go to at least 5,000 a day by the end of next month.

The idea for the service came up when Rashmi Mehta, the co-founder of Buzz, was a management trainee in a pharmaceutical company and during a meeting about OC sales in the US, one day, she had no clue what OC stood for. Thus she came up with the idea of somehow getting instant answers to any  question. She along with fellow MBA batchmate Anurag Arya and brother Amit Mehta then started Buzzanytime.

The company is presently exploring revenue models like lead generation and has been selected by the Kyron Accelerator in Bangalore, who has put $10,000 into the company.

Do get buzzing by sending in a query to 9220093333 and let us know what you think of the service.

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