Exchange4Artist Lets You Source Artists On Demand

Whether you are planning a grand wedding ceremony or a simple anniversary celebration, a corporate event or special function, and wish some artists to perform at your event to add…

Whether you are planning a grand wedding ceremony or a simple anniversary celebration, a corporate event or special function, and wish some artists to perform at your event to add the extra glamour quotient, Exchange4Artist can help you out source an artist. Their job does not end at just arranging the artist for your party, but to also provide Entertainment Consulting to choose and execute the best entertainment for your events, helps you customize content as per your and your guests’ taste, and direct your shows from console management to scripting to showflow management.

Having been in the Event Management industry for 14 years, Pradeep Chandran, or Eddie, as everyone calls him, brings this resource pool online at where you can look for an artist, and contact E4A to manage an event for you at your place. There is an interesting gallery of artists and a youtube channel containing performances that you can browse through if you do not have a clear idea of what kind of performance you want to host. E4A also provides services to budding artists who need a platform to perform, quite literally.

Eddie had tried his hands on building up an event management bible and an online platform for the event management industry several years back, but that seemed ahead of time. Exchange4Artist is an extension of that service.

Here is a quick Q&A with Pradeep Chandran aka Eddie:

PI: An online Exchange for Aristists sounds interesting. How did you conceive of this?

PC: Have spent 14 long years producing and directing shows so this idea after years of struggling to have a resource pool of artists readily available . I also own the one and only official yellow pages of the event management industry called “eventmanagementbible” so this service is a natural extension of that product.

I have forever strived to get the pieces together in the entertainment industry together, had tried putting together a platform for event industry called about 6-7 years back, but alas that was way ahead of its time and the internet last mile was not sorted so I spun it into the directory for the event industry over a period of time.

PI: How do get various artists sign up to you? Do you have a pool of artists or do you even get new artists based on demand?

PC: We are not looking at artist signing up, we have a database of over a 1000 artists anyways so we can source artists on demand. Plus have hired a team who are working on creating and validating the data we have and making new contacts with the artists.

PI: What kind of artists do you source?

PC: We are working with only artists that are 5 lac and below, also the max threshold will be TV stars since in Bollywood costs are a big grey area and the same artist can give u different rates over different calls and different dates. So we have a parameter to work with artists that have a sort of fixed budget and can help us in turn around time in closing the deal.


PI: Roughly, how many shows do you conduct per month?

PC: The website is in a pre launch phase, we plan to launch in the first week of march, we plan to do over 15-20 shows a month atleast. I have an experienced operations team to tackle and produce queries that we hope to generate (expecting 15-20 per day ) so together put together we have over a 1000 shows that we have produced or directed over the past 14 years.

We were hoping to get some VC funding so we can create a marketing blitz to take it to another level, we however will go ahead and launch in March first week in the absence of the funds, since we have a dedicated marketing budget and have made a very surgical precision marketing plan.

PI: How big is the team? Where all are you located?

PC: We are now 5 people team and are planning to put a back office set up (3-4 people) to handle calls/ clients also planning to hire an ops team (2-3 people) and plan to run operations with the resource pool of free lancers we have. We are based out of Mumbai.

An online directory of artists and events could be a useful one, but the portal needs to have more functionality, like a form for submitting your requirements and maybe a section highlighting success stories from previous users of their service. Right now, it’s positioned as a service, but a marketplace approach could probably be a bigger story.

If you are planning to throw a gala party and need someone to entertain your guests, give Exchange4Artist a shot and share your feedback.

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