Chorusplay Puts a JukeBox in Your Pocket; Choose Your Own Music at Venues

New year bash 2013, 3 friends from NIT Raipur were partying or rather trying to when they realised that the music was in no way in sync with the party theme or their mood. What they hoped would be a good time before a new year began, turned out to be an irritating and disturbing eve with contrast music blaring out loud. The experience then transformed into an idea for a new venture and later into a fully fledged music app, the Chorusplay.


Chorusplay is simple

The Chorusplay, founded by Hari Narian, Sooraj E and Visvak Saen, is easy to use, with no hassles of time-consuming registration or other processes. All you got to do is type the specific URL of the venue you are in and select the song you want to play. With over 20 categories of music, you will find pretty much all the songs you are searching for connected to the theme of the venue. So this crowd-powered engagement platform for music essentially translates to “discover, browse and interact.”

How does Chorusplay work?

 Basically a simple algorithm decides the pattern of songs that go up the playlist based on the number of votes for each song. So the requests are processed according to whoever places it first. Since there will definitely be a millisecond time of difference when 2 people place requests, the first request gets to go on top.

Watch Chorusplay’s Demo at bigMobilityConf

If you are wondering if there is a scope for repetition of songs, there isn’t as the algorithm makes sure that there is ample gap between repetition of songs, if any.

Mumbai based Moojic, which was funded on the spot at the #startuproots event we hosted has a similar offering.

How does the venue benefit

 You can find Chorusplay in pubs, gyms, cafe and spa. With over 100 plus downloads in 10 days, how does Chorusplay influence the business of the venues?

“Good music is an important factor that influences your choice of venue to hang-out with friends or family. So when the customer gets to have a say in the choice of music, it leads to a happy experience for them ,” says Hari Narian, co-founder of Chorusplay.  So a happy customer tweets or talks about it in social media that boosts the venue’s image. It also leads to a better branding for the place.

The Chorusplay team helps the venue owners identify preferences of various customers, thereby helping them to create popular playlists. Venue analytics are given as well. The song preferences also helps in identifying the nature of the customer to an extent, making it easy to create offers and other rewards for the venue’s promotion.

Chorus Play

What next?

 “We intend to take our music discovery and Jukebox app across all social hangouts. Seeing people happy is the biggest reward for any startup and we intend to do that in minimum 5-10 cities by the end of year. With music being an important factor in all venues these days, Chorusplay is the next big thing that bridges the Love for Music and Love for Food,” Hari said at the bigMobilityConf 2014 where the app was launched.

Loyalty programs for customers are on the way for the app as it is being launched across all android platforms.

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