Mobile Marketing for Apps – How To Acquire, Engage and Retain Users

AppGain is an Egypt based startup that offers a mobile marketing platform for user acquisition, retention, and engagement. It features deep links, event triggers for user flows and notifications via push, SMS, mail, and web. It also offers cloud app backend-as-a-service via the open source Parse platform.



It is a platform for App Growth with quick action points Acquire, Activate, Retain mobile app users through deep linking, messaging, and mobile marketing automation

App Backend (MBAAS), powered by Parse Server, help developers to set up, use and operate a mobile app backend in a minute. Built on AWS Infra, Kubernetes, Mongo fastest engine Rocks DB,  benefits like auto-scaling, automated backups, Push Notification conversion tracking and more without any hassles.



About the founding team:
Mohamed Shaheen an Egyptian entrepreneur and the founder of

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