Get Discounts at Cafe Coffee Day Using Mojostreet App

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Get Discounts at Cafe Coffee Day Using Mojostreet App

Foursquare entered India with Café Coffee Day partnership and while we haven’t yet seen any serious effort from Foursquare team(to grow India business), the homegrown LBS startup Mojostreet has partnered with CCD enabling check-in based offers at 1,174 Café Coffee Day (CCD) outlets across India.

The offers will be available across all the 1174 outlets of CCD in India and Mojostreet users will need to check-in to a cafe coffee day outlet before they place their order and redeem their coupon by showing the coupon code to the staff while placing the order.

How Mojostreet:CCD Partnership Works

To claim a reward at Café Coffee Day a user needs to download Mojostreet app on their Smartphone and then check-in at the Café Coffee Day outlets. Once a user completes a check-in, the Café Coffee Day offer is delivered right on the users mobile screen with complete details. Users simply need to show the mobile screen with the offer to the Café Coffee Day staff to claim their reward.

Currently, Mojostreet has over 200+ brands using “Mojostreet for Business program” in 1,250 locations in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi.

The challenge for Mojostreet lies in ensuring that the deals are respected as CCD employees are quite often clueless about such partnerships and they aren’t even trained to answer queries related to ‘check-ins’ etc (standard answer is ‘Sorry sir, I don’t know‘).

» Links to Mojostreet’s app: Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia

» Mojostreet Funding: LBS Startup, Mojostreet Secures USD 350k Funding

* Foursquare:CCD Partnership– It seems, 4sq is still a CCD partner, but practically speaking, most of the CCDs are unaware of 4sq partnership (speaking from my experience of Bangalore CCDs).

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