Get to Know Your Neighbourhood Better with Shout, the Locality Based Social App

An app that lets you shout anything and everything to social media users within 1 km radius, Shout is the new locality based app from Idea Labs. If you are wondering if it really is shouting, your updates are termed as shout. A tool for self-expression and interaction, Shout doesn’t ask you to add people to your circles or wait for their friend requests to be approved.

Shout was created by Ashutosh Vikram, Thirukumaran Nagarajan and Sharath Loganathan, alumni of IIM,Kozhikode.


Shout, Echo and Shut up

So basically a shout is your update. If a receiver likes it, he can echo it which increases the visibility of your shout. With each echo, the radius of your shout increases. If he doesn’t like it or disturbs him, it be can be made to shut up. Shut up is used to differentiate noise from shout. There is a comments section as well where you can talk and interact with fellow users.

The audience is default, set by the geographical position you are in. If you want to reach a particular radius, you could move and set a new one.

Stay connected to your neighbourhood

This is a huge relief. You dont have to necessarily add friends and maintain circles.You could ask for help or even say hi to a person in the specific geographical region.You could also find  the nearest restaurant or complain about the bad roads. Essentially it is a good way to stay connected to your neighbourhood.

The Alter Ego

We hardly reveal things or shout what we want to when our identity is disclosed. In this app, you could choose an option called the Alter Ego where you can mask your personality and choose to be someone else, probably with a catchy nickname. It is an opportunity to give a virtual personality to your alter ego.

Launched in April 2014, the app has around 2000 downloads so far and is being used in over 10 countries. With a user-friendly interface, Shout lets you sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

The app does not use GPS oriented location but selects it from the network. Hence the battery drain is very low. Currently focused on building a huge customer base, the team expects to monetize by creating a local marketplace within the application.

Currently available in Android, the app will soon be in the iOS platform. Click here to download the app.

There are various other apps with the same name and similar features, some even with a shouting range of 20kms! Will this app stand out?

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