Facebook silently launches talktime program in India : get paid (in talk time) per registration [Like this?]

Facebook has silently launched its Talktime program in India – i.e. you get $1 for registering via the mobile site. Also, you will get a credit of $1 for every referral. The credit is done in the form of talk time (and not ca$h). All you need to do is use this url : http://m.facebook.com/tt and start collecting pai$a.

Facebook Talktime : Get paid to register
Facebook Talktime : Get paid to register

Very recently, Facebook shared its India stats highlighting the rise of mobile registration (30% of new Facebook users in India register via mobile phone), though a talk time like scheme will actually add to the rising number of fake profiles, which Facebook has lately been struggling with.

Does this work? Well, yes if it’s a stealth mode promotion and is restricted to certain audience (college kids etc), but we aren’t really sure if Facebook takes pride in launching such spammy features. [via]

A Fakebook in making?

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