Get your kinda music delivered [via satellite]

I covered few interesting online music sites earlier and here is another installment.

Slacker: is an interesting service which helps you listen to your favorite music online, a wi-fi enabled portable player as well as car stereo [delivered via satellite!].

I have been playing with the online version and must say that Slacker is quite impressive. There are close to 10,000 stations built aroung ‘specific artists’ and genres.
Slacker aims to *guesstimate” your music choice based on song rankings, and recommend you songs [Pretty much on the lines of Pandora].

The Slacker portable radio and Car kit is what I think is a killer idea.

The Slacker Car Kit delivers fresh content to your Slacker Portable Player directly to your car via satellite. A simple installation of the car dock and antenna allows you to receive new music for your stations while you drive. The Slacker Portable Player stores new music so you never have to worry about losing the satellite signal. Your music never stops playing and you can continue to personalize your music experience.

Though I enjoyed Slacker, I am still hooked onto Musicovery! Its way too cool.
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