Your Users Spend 90% Of Time Indoors. Make Your Apps Contextual With GetFocus

Pioneering WiFi based indoor location analytics for apps


  • Very interesting concept and a stellar team.

    All the best guys! You are heating up the contextual marketing space.

  • Hi Ashish,

    We partner with apps that have retail presence and stand to benefit from precise location intelligence – this list includes (but not limited to) retailers, banks, payment wallets, ticketing platforms, loyalty & reward players, coupon providers, cab aggregators, accommodation providers, etc. Given we do not require hardware installations, it is easy for us to scale rapidly.

    Hope this helps!

  • @Ashish : End to end : We tie up with Apps, to give them information about which user is inside which shop/mall. We also tie up with Retailers to give them heatmaps and analytics.

    This ensures that Apps get much better location information, Retailers get much deeper analytics, all without needing to pay for additional hardware such as beacons.

  • So quite a few startups have tried beacons (and google analytics for retail outlets) and have failed. this is an interesting take, though i am wondering if you guys are looking for retail partnerships (i.e. provide end to end) or just provide the plumbing pieces to others.

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