Getit Case: Personal assets of directors to be disclosed, orders Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court has ordered Getit directors to disclose their personal assets, as part of the ongoing battle around the company closure. Getit owes Rs. 61,81,804/ to its vendors and employees.Askme-App

The particulars of assets held in the name of all the Directors of the respondent-company along with the dates of acquisition as well as the nature of their right, title and interest therein; to be disclosed in a sealed cover for the time being;

The court has given the company 6 weeks time to reply to this.

Till the next date of hearing, the respondent-company shall not dispose of or alienate or encumber either directly or indirectly, or otherwise part with possession of any assets of the company, including all the movable and immovable assets, except in the ordinary course of business and for the payment of salaries and statutory dues, without prior permission of this Court. [via]

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