Warning: Getting Calls From a +224 Number? Do Not Answer

There seems to some kind of ‘scam’ going on with a certain call on your mobile, which when answered deducts Rs.45/minute(~$1) from your talktime balance. The said calls are reported…

There seems to some kind of ‘scam’ going on with a certain call on your mobile, which when answered deducts Rs.45/minute(~$1) from your talktime balance. The said calls are reported from the following numbers +22455104323 and +22455104324. There have been total 3 reported cases so far of the call, 2 of which resulted in talktime deduction and the third was not answered. Though #missedcallscam was trending in Twitter Mumbai today but it was the same tweet getting RTed, so not much of a chaos.

The number which might look like a Mumbai number on the first look, given the 022 STD code, actually is an 11 digit international number and resonates with the African country Guinea that has calling code of +224 and the country follows a 8 digit standard phone number.

At this moment there is no certainty as to what this number is and if this is true or rumor. In case you get a call and you have no relatives in that little African country, avoid answering it.

A random search revealed some forum discussing this number for past couple of months but no case of balance deduction was reported.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

  1. I got missed call from + 224 78 60 09 54 and got miss call couple of times, but didn’t answer as I know these scams and also these 11 digits international number. just reporting this number to make sure, if anybody gets a call from this number, an alarm can be raised.

  2. I got a call from no. +22478601170 & +22478601908, One time I Missed this call and I have attendent this call once. Please reply me was that risky and what can do to prevent this?

  3. I have got some calls from –
    +224-78601170 – night 11pm
    +224-78601196 – morning 6 am.
    Please donot attend the calls from these as they are really spam from Guinea south Africa. They deduct 50 Inr. + Data from your android phone.
    I live in delhi.

  4. i got call from +224 7860 1290. today now. but by mistake it got received. so is there any prb? after searching in google, this code belongs to guiena south africa. i have no any relative there. what to do now . plz tell , if there is any prb. and whoom should i inform abt this number. plz tell me , if anyone know.

  5. Toady I got a call in the morning. When I made a call, my balance deducted and I heard some nonsense stuff over the phone. The lady is discussing some vulgar things with a guy. Don’t know what is it all about but don’t attend or call back to this kind of number. The number is +224 78 60 11 70

  6. Yesterday and today I got missed call from +22478902120 same issue how to report and a home to report on this

  7. Hi I’m Ksheer from Delhi (INDIA) . I got this missed call from +22478601303 (8:53 AM) and +22478601594 (9:02 AM) and i answered the call on no. +22478601303 but no one was on the other side (speaking something). So driven by curiosity i called the number +22478601303 (My Truecaller app said this number was from “Guinea”. It cost me Rs.45/minute(~$1). For 2 minutes i lost Rs90/-. Guys it was really bad experiance for me.
    #Don’t call back when you get missed call from an ISD number. (Strongly Recommeded)

  8. I also got a call from the number +22478696044 at 11:04 PM today but I did not answer that. After checking the details, it looks like a spam number and not to be answered. Please be aware and not respond to these calls.

  9. I have also got the call from guinea south Africa n it seems to be a scam. It get missed call and I got this call in morning at 3.09 a.m
    The number is as follows 224-78696044

  10. I live in Abuja, Nigeria, I got a new line just about a week when I started getting flash calls from +22470020264. I was surprised; I’ve not shared the number yet, how come I’m getting an int’l call. Then one day when I called back I started hearing sexual noises from the other end, I was still trying to say multiple ‘hellos’, I did not know I was making one of the most expensive calls in the world as all my call credit was exhausted without warning. It was disgustinly regrettable. Anyway they succeeded but never again. Pls do not call that line. One Love!

  11. Got a miscall from this number +22470475362… I tried to answer it but as soon as i click answer nothing…but i dont know if that was a scam im using prepaid and my mobile chargevis actually zero.

  12. I have received couple of missed calls from the following number today I.e “+22478519137”
    Though haven’t attended them..

  13. I have also got so many calls from couple of days from +22478500563 though i did not received that. True caller app shows number from Guinea so i just checked it and find your blog. there is one more number i am getting call frequently its 0037178822284. Does it also not authentic, please update.

  14. I received call from 224 78500562 at 2.10 early morning. I missed the same being midnight. Thinking it is Mumbai Number – I tried to recall but since I do not have international call facility on my mobile, I received message that this is international call. I checked on internet and I am here now sharing my experience.

  15. July 23, 2015, and I have two (missed) calls from +224 55 45 93 80 within 10 minutes from each other, and that is me being from Belgium/Europe. A to me completely unknown number, and being the smart person that I am (j/k), I did not call back, of course.
    How the heck did they find my cellphone number? I don’t even (really) use it.

  16. My father received a call from +224 722 541 743 on 21.08.2015 night by 12.30 a.m. He heard mine and my hubbys voice on the phone crying and murmuring. Since, we were not with him and he could not reach us over the phone, he scared and became panic. At last after an hours struggle he was able to reach us and after that he relaxed. Kindly do not attend such calls over the phone.

  17. I got missed call from + 221 76 373 25 61 and got miss call couple of times, but didn’t answer as I know these scams and also these 11 digits international number.This is the Senegal Country Code. This country near to African country Guinea.

  18. Hey, I got multiple 1-2 second rings and missed calls from a guinea number +224-55001689. I also have a history of spam calls from Nigeria, Senegal, Belgium, etc. No way to stop this ?

  19. Even i got calls today at 7:20am, but as i found the number not from mumbai i didnt respond…
    hope there r apps to block such codes

  20. I also got miss calls from these Numbers
    +221 46 325 23 61
    +224 55 44 66 00
    +371 22 85 90 12
    +224 55 44 66 08

  21. I also get missed call from no +22455446621 ones but my dad and mom also get missed call from no +2245446600 twice
    When I checked it then got that it is a no from Guniea, West Africa
    But doesn’t pic any call…
    But really wanna to know why this spam has not yet be finded out??????

  22. Whaow! This is serious, I just got a missed call from +22478519167, though, this is not the first time of such strange number calling but I decided to check which country uses the dialing code, here I am to find out people’s comments on such type of numbers. Please, what’s it for? Am from Nigeria.

  23. I got a missed call from +22455001685.1 did not call back.
    Then i thought no relatives of mine is is guinea.
    Then i searched on google and i found this article…
    Fortunately i was saved (by not calling back)….

  24. I also get a missed call from no. +22478111290 once that why I asking in internet and finally saw in this page

  25. I got 3 or 4 more times missed calls from a Nigerian +234 9091811275 number my phone found that this call from Nigeria and i don’t have anyone in there i called back but they said i haven’t enough balance and i came to know that its a trap so i google it and reached hear

  26. i got a call from this no +22478518978, early morning.Did not attend the call.
    true caller shows its origin to guinea.

  27. After reading all comments , i came to know that receving such calls will not deduct any penny, but calling back will cost u at 45/min.
    It is commercial number , they got paid when u call them,when you will call back only computerised pre-recorded voice will be heared.


  28. I got missed call from +22478190055 at 3-11 Am and +22478190069 at 10-28am
    May be telecom operators play foul via VOIP sysyem to dupe costomers balace it happence by aircel and airtel by unwanted packages activate without subcriber concern this kind of tricks is comon in india but operators loot millience of rupees. Post u r phone number here i will call you from your number without touching your sim card it cost 2 usd to create such proffile.can be fool arround.

  29. Today morning i got call from +224722000131 and +224722000418 at 3 am and 6 am but i didn’t received the call

  30. This evening at 7:40 pm, I received a missed-call from +22455001142… I have BSNL connection and I live in Punjab… I didn’t take the call, as it was an ‘unknown’ International Number, dialed from a Computer.

  31. I got a call from 224 50 90 18 at 6:17 am this morning. It only rang once before hanging up, but I wasn’t going to answer it anyway.

  32. I got this number. –> +22470600877
    It called me me for a very short time then it cancalled the call.

  33. I also got a call from this number. Decided to ask Google for the country code and I got here . Although it was a missed call I saw.+22478518568.

  34. Received a call from +224 78226070 on October 10th and it left a partial voicemail saying something about a package arriving…

  35. I got the same thing a few minutes ago. No voicemail either. I blocked the number instantly. My family has been receiving calls from different numbers internationally, and they leave messages about a package that has arrived haha
    Never ever call them back and don’t ever pick up! There are warnings about their scams all over the internet now.


  36. Ditto.. I got a call from +265888704282 at 2.59AM.. unknowingly i called back and instantly the call begin.. for two sec call it costed me 17Rs. Hell.. 🙁

  37. Ditto.. I got a call from +265888704282 at 2.59AM.. unknowingly i called back and instantly the call begin.. for two sec call it costed me 17Rs. Hell.. 🙁
    These ppl are real monsters..

  38. Recieved a call from 22470400425 at 12pm.. called back but my provider wouldn’t let the call go through. Oh well

  39. Even I got the call from +22470588435, did not receive. I called back but was not able to connect.

  40. last night this +224 missed call in my husband’s mobile and i said to him maybe it’s one of her mistresses!!! i annoyed him too much.. and now i told him it’s a scam… but still not convinced that he does not have an affair… hahahaha

  41. I had 2 missed calls from the same # as well. So google that and here I am ,
    Never answer a call outside your area code unless it’s family or friends

  42. I got misscall today.O don’t have any person at Africa country and don’t know 224 code no is which country than cheack internet 224 which country is calling no is +22455315493 I think this no is fackno.so I did not call back again.

  43. Also 22478226094 called me today i could not call it since i have no reltve arround guinea

  44. I received 3 calls overnight 1 from +237 693740645 and 2 calls from +225 06 90 77 45. No message was left. It appears they are African countries. I had a spate of calls a few months ago when I attempted to enter a competition on Face Book and then after a month they stopped. I think Apple recently asked me for my phone number for some cloud information.

    Is this anyone else’s experience?


  45. Hmm nice.. Want a wife like you how will annoy me over issue like this. Wish ur hubby jas and affair and u get along with me. Hehe

  46. Me too got from this same number at mid night.. My wife things i have an affair and she keeps calling back that number and nobody speak at other end. I have already lost 80$ coz of her.

  47. I have also got a miss call from this number for the first time now. I wanted to ask if you go to any chatrooms using your mobile internet? I suspect this because I have never before got a call from this number any time before. Today first time I browsed through multiple chat sites using mobile internet. Any info will be useful from you.

  48. I also go missed call from +224722111651 02-11-2015 03:13AM

    I also go missed call from +224722111392 02-11-2015 04:17AM

  49. I too got the miss call from the same number. since i was searched on internet and it’s says spam…. thank god!!..

  50. Got missed call several times from +224722111392
    Even in mid night also. Yaary enna ne teriyala, kadupetharaanga boss.

  51. These numbers came from Guinea – West africa, mostly used for #missedcallscam.
    If any calls coming international number starts with +224xxxxxx
    1. Dont pickup the call
    2. Dont do outgoing call
    Block the calls in your phone

  52. I got call from 2 numbers today! +224722118654 & +224722111392. Never attended these calls, these were really a quick missed calls. its better not to attend these calls, unless we are sure!.

  53. Dear all Viewers,
    I got 01 miss call from number +224722111651,Please investigate the issue of this miss call. Case may be transfer to cyber Cell Delhi, Mumbai, Madras, Calcutta and explore this number as a “Alert” message to all Indians.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Rajole B
    Mob: +919604982517

  54. Me too got two call from this no .I want to know the person who getting call from this no are using iPhone

  55. In the same no I received missed call past 2 days. It is fake call it seems. Very high Charges applicable when we call back.

  56. I also got a missed call frm 224 553 156 12 And another one frm travelsim or a computer I didn’t anwer tho

  57. Me too just now…gets to check internet for the country code and now im led to this site… thanks a lot

  58. I stay in Saudi Arabia, i just got a call from that number. I was driving and by the time I could park my vehicle and receive the call, it got dropped.

    I just googled to check the country code and this site is what I found. Good that I was driving and couldn’t receive it.

    – Shaaz

  59. Same here… Just got a missed call from this no., Its good my phone was on silent otherwise I might answer it.

  60. I just got a caII now frm dis +22478519768 by 11:35pm and I called back I was Iike to say heIIo aII my airtime just got finish Iike 3 US dollars.

  61. I got a call from that same number, I picked but heard a sound of people having sex and I hung up immediately! My call balance was reduced in the process. Guys please avoid such numbers

  62. Got a missed call from same number too. Called back, heard voices of people having sex. Thanks for the info.

  63. just missed calls from same number, I decided to check the code (+224) but saw this info instead.Thumbs up guys

  64. Got a call from (+224)70020423……got to know it’s from Guinea[Country in West Africa].
    Unknowingly I attended the call and there was nothing from the other end except some horrible music.

  65. The call spam deducted my airtime when I called back but no one picked all I heard was a woman speaking spanish.I curse who ever is involved.

  66. Got a call from +22 920909157. Heard some womens’ voice speaking Hindi & another guy answering. Thought my call had somehow got merged to another call. After reading this post, I will refrain from calling back. Guys & Gals, please be aware of it.

  67. Me too i noticed just now a missed call from +224 55315551, this was not my first time tho i also live here in Saudi Arabia, i did not call back because i google first and these are the comments i’ve found.

  68. I’m getting missed calls from +224 55315551, +216 98090006, +216 98090035 many times. But I didn’t attended these calls. I know these are cheating calls.

  69. I keep getting these calls with +224 every other day. It is like a plague chasing me everywhere!

  70. Im getting cal frm +923047837757 n he say that u r the lucky winner of a lucky draw n he gave me this +923017871158 n said that cal on this no. Fr more info. N i cal my bal was rushed out in jst a 45 sec , later he cal back n he was asking fr bank acc. No n other infrmation i dt gave him then he cut the cal should he traces my no or else miss use my no. N all..

  71. I just received a missed call from +224 78701914 , luckily didn’t pick up.
    On the other day, I received another missed call from, +224 55001610.

    Obviously is SCAM !
    Whoever receive this calling number, PLEASE don’t pick up!

  72. I just received miss call from +224 78701914 and I didn’t pick up .
    Don’t believe unfamiliar phone no, and don’t pick up!

  73. Phone numbers with these codes ,0022455300257,0023677240373,0038761383746 and 0037168913974 have been calling using my line.It shows that its me who is dialing these numbers and my units are deducted from my account.

  74. Got it here in singapore 1 minute ago as well
    That means either we have the same relative or its a scam.

  75. I got call from these numbers too.I’m living in London.but I got a call from Turkey.+90 212 900 8902. I don’t know why.and I don’t know who’s is this.

  76. Receiving blank calls again and again on my landline and then on my mobile after each minute like they are Computer operated the number is +91-22-3367-3100 When ever i try to track it it shows Mumbai based landline operated by reliance but it is happening again since a day i am sick of it.

  77. I too got from the same code. May be its some kinda scam or sumthing like dat. Guys please avoid it and don’t u eva think of calling back.

  78. Been getting calls from this number +2244305027 for the past few days around the same time 8 PM Est. SCAM

  79. I also got 3 missed call from above nos. When I called on this no. deducted Rs. 40/- for 3-4 seconds.

  80. I’m getting these texts too, someone just texted me with the phone number 224-443-7140 and other numbers starting with 224 have tried talking to me also. I’ve never actually answered any of it yet but I’m not sure I should. My sister is getting simalar numbers on her phone that try calleing her often, always leaving her voicemails saying that the cops are looking for her and if she pays an amount of money than they will take it away or something of that sort. We know that neither one is true. If anyone has any further advice then please tell me.

  81. Got a call from +224 55200921 on Sunday 31st July @19.58hrs. Don’t have anyone from that country and this is not the first time getting calls from similar numbers.

  82. Got a call from a number with 224 too. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with having the truecaller app.

  83. Just missed a call from 224 78 85 42 42 (Guinea), did not pick up. I’m in Montreal, Canada. Maybe it’s a new number to be added to your list of potential scam.

  84. I saw a missed call on my phone with this n0 +22455207592, am curious to know who the caller was since I don’t have anyone from any foreign country with such dialing code.

  85. Just call missed call from 2 numbers: +22478013307 and +22478013340 at 1:00 am and 3:35am respectively.

  86. I received a call from 224, only these three digits. Online cannot find any info for 224.

  87. Really so if I get a text from 224 does that mean it’s a scam and it is costing me money?

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