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ghoomoGhoomo is a Bangalore based startup that has just launched it’s movie search platform. Using Ghoomo, one can search for theatres, movie show times and read reviews/previews.As per the Subodh (founder), major USP of Ghoomo is:

Internally this is a robust & intelligent search customized for movie vertical and takes care of spelling mistakes & partial words.

Work flow reflect movie search life cycle of movie visitors. For example it effectively integrates movements from theaters to showtimes and vice versa.

The site has a very texty appeal (which actually is very cool) and has currently indexed 25 Indian cities. Search work pretty fine, but here are a few candid views:

  • Instead of asking users to enter the movie details (wiki styled), how about doing it yourself – one can fetch the data from several sites.
  • How about being the hub for reviews, i.e. for a particular movie, show the reviews from top 5 credible sources.
  • Most importantly, a product like this needs actionable steps – i.e integration with online booking services (OnYoMo is doing it, so Ghoomo has to!)

In general, my feedback is that Ghoomo is relying lot on user generated content, and am not too sure how will that work out for them. The good thing is that there is no pan-India movie search site (with strong branding) and Ghoomo’s cool domain name stands a good chance.

What’s your take?

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