‘Ghost Push’ : An Un-Installable Android Virus Impacts 1.3 mn Android Devices Globally

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‘Ghost Push’ : An Un-Installable Android Virus Impacts 1.3 mn Android Devices Globally

CheetahMobile, a Chinese developer company has identified a new threat on Android devices named Ghost Push.

Distributed through non-Google app stores, this virus has affected 14,846 types of phone and 3,658 brands. It has affected 1.3 million devices globally and in India it has affected 1,44,199 devices.

The virus is mainly spread through Europe, Russia, the Middle East region, and southern China. Cheetah Mobile has so far discovered 39 apps that contains the virus.

The malware installs unwanted applications like ‘Monkey test’ or ‘Times service’ and then these applications cannot be removed easily even by doing a factory reset or using normal antivirus software. The malware slows down the system, drains the battery and consumes large amounts of cellular data. Disguised as legitimate applications, it can spread itself widely via commercial SDKs or browser ads.

List of infected apps include

WiFi Enhancer PinkyGirls WordLock SettingService Sex Cademy
TimeService XVideo Codec Pack Fast Booster boom pig iVideo
Indian Sexy Stories 2 Amazon Talking Tom 3 WhatsWifi Fruit Slots
Assistive Touch Hubii News Photo Clean Hot Video Wifi Speeder
Accurate Compass itouch Super Mario Lemon Browser WiFi FTP
All-star Fruit Slash Light Browser SmartFolder Multifunction Flashlight Ice Browser
Happy Fishing XVideo Simple Flashlight Assistive Touch PronClub
MonkeyTest Memory Booster Daily Racing Hot Girls


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  1. Yash

    Its a bit worrying that even amazon is on the list

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