GhumiChale : Hotel Price Comparison Portal

Now that Airlines operators have scrapped the 5% commission for travel agents,( a move that will hit nearly 4000 travel agents across the country as well as the ghumichaleOTAs), the focus is shifting towards Hotel search engine (and lead generation)

GhumiChale is a recently launched price comparison portal that compares prices across 30 hotel sites (these sites in total give the portal an access to ~800,000 hotel deals across the globe, over 2 Million Hotel pics with Maps & 2.4 Million Reviews).

The hotel comparison engine is not a new idea – iXiGo, ClearTrip , inasra are doing it – so essentially, ghumichalge needs to define the differentiation point?

Hotel search/comparison is an altogether different market from airticket/train booking, as the data/information isn’t structured.

Writing a crawler or I’d say even online partnerships may not help in the long run as the bigger opportunity lies in capturing the data (desiya, the biggest player was acquired by TraveGuru for ~100 crores).

That’s where the gap is (and lies the golden opportunity!)

What’s your take on GhumiChale?

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