Podcasting App Aurality Pivots. Founders Launch Gifting Service Giftery

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Podcasting App Aurality Pivots. Founders Launch Gifting Service Giftery

Cofounded by Aurality team that launched (and eventually shutdown) a podcasting app last year, Giftery enables visitors to select gifts from 70+ merchants and send the gifts to recipients.

Giftery is an online gifting website that has partnered with premium brands around Mumbai. These brands range across different categories like Restaurants, Accessories, Health & Wellness, Adventure, Workshops etc.


The recipient can receive the gift cards either via email of in physical form. What’s also nice about Giftery is that if the recipient does not like the gifted brand, then s/he can exchange the same with any of the other brands for the same denomination. Gifters can also pool in money and send gifts (a feature some of its competitors like Badhaai has had for quite sometime).

The Mumbai based startup has raised funding from Rajan Anandan and Blume Ventures (in 2012, they raised $300K).

To start off, Giftery is currently active in Mumbai (stores) and one of the key features of Giftery is the gifting recommendation part. One can select gifts based on gender/experience etc (Zomato’s Ex-CTO launched Giveter which takes a deeper shot into gift recommendation).

The service is also taking an offline route to marketing (like participation in college fests etc) and for sure, the launch is well timed given that the gifting season has just started in India (Diwali is considered the biggest revenue season for gifting services in India). Even Snapdeal launched its gifting category couple of days back.

Do you think that there is a potential for some of these niche category players to provide their backend to existing ecommerce marketplaces (as a SAAS)? After all, even gifting is a (sort of) marketplace model to a certain extent with no physical inventory, but most of ecommerce marketplaces tend to ignore the social part of gifting. For ecommerce companies, the focus is more on providing deals than using (Facebook) social infrastructure, which actually is the backbone of a great gifting service.

What are your thoughts? Do give Giftery a spin, if you are looking for gifts in Mumbai.

Funding in this space (so far):

– Gifting Company Giftxoxo Raises Angel Funding; To Expand in Mumbai, Delhi

Badhai secures $200K from investors.

– Other startups in this space include Giveter,  Wishpicker and BuddyGifting.

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