Gigaom Research Makes A Comeback Under Knowingly

Gigaom shut its doors in March due to insolvency. In May a beacon of hope emerged when Knowingly acquired some of the assets of the Giga Omni Corporation including Gigaom Research.

Gigaom Logo

Gigaom has now announced that it is restarting Gigaom Research and will build a new research and analysis operation with the help of Knowingly.

Byron Reese, CEO of Knowingly, said that content could start going up on the Gigaom site before its tentative launch date in August, but won’t be very substantial.

Further, he added that since no research was produced for a period of 4 months before Gigaom Research shut down, the company is extending everyone’s membership by 4 months.

Gigaom says it will retain the high quality of research and analysis drawn from that network of independent analysts but will shift to a much more agile model.

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